New iPad – My Calculations

When new devices appear the topic of conversation often falls to “Can I justify buying it?” , because unless it is a replacement for a failing device I really don’t “need” to buy it.

So I thought I would look back at my spending habits pre iPad and compare them with the purchase of iPad1 and upgrade to iPad2.
This is a simple comparison of where I spend my money, I’m not getting into value or ease of purchases.
Five things that were purchased in our house pre iPads were:

Newspapers(Hard copy)
Magazines(Hard copy)
Fiction and non-fiction books(Hard copy)
Street Directory(Hard Copy)

Some of these were annual purchases while others were daily.
I do not purchase most of these ‘Hard Copy” items since getting an iPad.
I still buy the occasional hard copy book and this usually done online, making it cheaper and saving me time and fuel.

My calculations (yes I keep receipts) show that my expenses have gone down when comparing the 12 months pre iPad with the 12 months with the iPad1.
They dropped again when comparing 12 months with the iPad1 with the following 12months when I upgraded to iPad2.
These calculations include the cost of purchasing the iPads.
Will I upgrade to the new iPad? Probably.
Do I need to upgrade? Probably not.

Either way I consider that the iPads I’ve purchased, and used a lot, have more than paid for themselves so now it’s just a matter of deciding if I want to upgrade -Probably

Twitter Not All Followers Are Equal

If you are managing or representing a company/business on twitter and have a link to the company/business website in your profile are you monitoring your followers?

This question follows on from the presentations at the media140 conference held in Perth on February 25th 2010 about managing your brand and the image you project. Since the conference I have been looking at twitter profiles that all contain links to company websites. These twitter accounts names are a mix of company named accounts and employee accounts and I have found that some of the followers are rather inappropriate. So I wondered if the users thought about monitoring who follows them?

I know that in the past I have blocked followers, some of these have been porn accounts and others clearly are accounts just building massive follower numbers or have no possible reason to be interested in my twitter stream.

If I was researching a company that I wanted to deal with and looked at the followers and found a lot of porn accounts I would question how they were using twitter and for what means? If twitter is supposed to be a two way conversation and the conversation content is inappropriate for my client base then this could be damaging to not only your company image but also your personal image. If we also enter into the education realm and associated family and children areas then it becomes a very big issue.

I know we can’t control everything inside twitter and an inappropriate @ message can connect you with someone you have no interest or dealings with but as more and more people realise the wealth of information that can be obtained by searching twitter streams monitoring your followers is something that we need to consider.

I would be really interested to get some feedback about this and see whether it is just my over protective way of thinking or something that most have not thought of doing.

iPhone = myPhone now what?

In my post Change of Focus I mentioned that I now the proud owner of an iPhone and intend to write some posts

“to share my experiences, post tips, review Apps for the iPhone”  “The App reviews will be restricted to Apps available in the Australian App store.”

So here they start. iPhone applications can really enhance the user experience of the iPhone, they are easy to install and many of apps have a free and paid version. Try out the free version and then if you want more features buy the paid version.

Getting started with Apps:

To download apps you need an iTunes account. I created a free account so I don’t have to hand over payment details, I can buy iTunes credit when I need and am not tempted to spend more than I should. Once you have your iTunes account set up you can download apps directly to your phone (wifi connection is best) or with your Mac or PC. Just be aware that if you are downloading with your phones data plan this can blow it out, some apps can be large and take a while to download.

To set up a “free” iTunes account open iTunes on your PC or Mac go to the App store. Find a free application to download and then create your iTunes account. Having selected a free app should mean you don’t have to enter payment details.

The App Store

Using the app store on your iPhone is very easy. Simply open the App store icon on your home screen. From here you can browse and search for apps. Each app has a description and if you scroll to the bottom it will tell you the version, date created, operating system it will work on. If the app has user reviews it is a good idea to read these also.


Featured: includes New, What’s Hot & Genius.
Categories: includes Top 25- Top Paid, Top Free & Top Grossing.
Search: Look for apps
Updates: Shows updates for your apps, simply click to download & update your apps.
One thing to note with apps is that the prices can change, it can be worthwhile checking in to see of an app you were after but found too expensive has been reduced. An example of this is Jamie Oliver’s app which started out around $25. and is currently available for $5.99.

To finish off here is my list of 7 must haves.

1. Quota

SouthFreo Software

Allows you to keep track of you phone and data usage and more. This app has a free QuotaLite and paid Quota version. The free app restricts you to one account. The paid app ($3.99) has many features and allows you to check you phone, ISP usage, SmartRider balance, Fly Buys and many more. There are many similar apps available but I have found this one very reliable and was a little swayed seeing it was developed in Western Australia. This sort of app is a must have to make sure you don’t go over you phone limits.

2. Ping

Gary Fung

Ping has a free and paid version. It let’s you send free SMS to other iPhone users. You need to create a Ping id, let your friends know the id and then you can send each other free SMS. It also works on iPod Touch.
This is an easy to use app that will save you going over your phone limit.

3. Yoink!


Yoink! is a easy to use app that is a iPhone version of it’s online website.
They say: “Get free stuff from your local area and give things away you don’t need.” and this sums up what it is all about.

Once you become a member (free) you can start Yoinking. Yoink! lets you give things away or get thinks for free. The map makes it very easy to find things and if you Yoink! it before anyone else its yours. You can then message and arrange to pick up the item.

It’s a great way to recycle, get rid of things you don’t want anymore and help each other. You can also use the web version of Yoink! Yoink! is another app by a West Australian Developer.

4. Capdase USB Chargers.

Your iPhone comes with a Charger but I found I needed more than one. This one is made by Capdase. I have 2 of these one has two USB ports and the other has four USB ports. There are a must if you have more than one phone/device to charge. They also come with international adapters.

5. Duracell Instant USB Charger.

This must have provides you with charge for you phone when you are out and about. It is Instant USB Charger made by Duracell. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, you charge it by USB and once charged use your iPhone cable to connect and charge your iPhone. Instant USB charger. Claims to provide up to 3 hours of backup phone charge. With the iPhone it may not be as efficient. I found it took about an hour to charge from 25% to 80% charge while I was using the phone all the time. So charging without using the phone would be a lot quicker.

6. Belkin Retractable iPhone cable.

To make life easy with all of these charging devices I have a Belkin retractable iPhone cable. It is small to carry around and doesn’t get tangled around everything.

I hope these tips are helpful, the more you use and play with your iPhone the quicker you will find it’s many features.