Instagram backup and back out


Instagram being acquired by Facebook and releasing an Android app has resulted in users looking at whether they want to still use the service and if not, how to get a copy of their photos and delete their accounts.

If you decide to delete your instagram account make sure you have a copy of your photos before you go through the deletion process. When the account is deleted so are your photos and the same user name cannot be used again.

To download a copy of our photos or even cancel your account here is the easiest way to do it.

There are a couple of sites that make it easy to download all our photos from intagram. I’ve used instaportand the process is very easy, your photos are downloaded in a zip file.
Copygramis another site offering the same sort of service

Instabackupis a Mac app that runs on your desktop

To delete your account simply go to instagram delete and deactivate instagram account once your account has been deleted all your photos will be deleted and your username will no be able to be used again.

Other iPhone apps to share photos include Streamzoo EyeEM and Flickr