Having Fun Instead of Working

Last week I spent my days checking, checking , checking my code in my Enviro Health Program as we had a demonstration to a new client on Friday. As usual while doing this I was also fiddling with some of the graphics I have made for buttons and logos that are used in the program. Depending on which device I test it one and the screen resolutions I can get a great looking image or a really bad looking one. I was trying to get images that worked well on any device.

This is when I got a bit distracted. I decided to create a desktop wallpaper with the Red Frog logo and that turned out really well. Then I thought it would be good to have the same logo on the device so went of hunting for a program to create themes.

I came across a couple of different programs when reading forums and settled on was ThemeGenCE. This is a freeware program and has a great tutorial that makes it very easy to understand and follow, and is also a very quick process.

You can make themes for all different versions and screen size Windows based PDA’s

Here are a few I made – Have a go yourself it is great fun

Beach ThemeBeach Theme

Sunset ThemeSunset Theme

Red Frog LogoRed Frog logo Theme

TafeTafe Theme

10 Days a Week

Enviro Health Manager

We were all told that as technology advanced we would have more leisure time, time to spend with loved ones and pursuing our recreational desires. So why do I now find that I need a 10 day week so that I can get through all my work and still end up working most weekend?

Well in my case I can’t really blame anyone else for my need of more days in the week or working through the weekend. I have been in the last stages of software development for the Mobile Audits program that I have developed in my business About Data to be used by Environmental Health Officers of Local Governments.

This enables them to complete audits of Food Premises, Lodging Houses, Public Buildings and General Premises all through a PDA. The information is collected in the field and then on return to the office the PDA is connected to the desktop computer and then all data is synchronized to a SQL Server database.


My business partner Sandra Morley from Sanmor Computing has developed the desktop component of the software. The Enviro Health Manager system that is on the desktop is very complex and includes, Health Notice, Pest Management, Unit Cost and Waste Management.

The software with the PDA component has been tested in the field by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder over the past two years.

On October 4th and 5th we visited the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder and installed the latest version of the software. It has been upgraded to now include:

: Property based data

: SQL Server data file

: PDA component to manage in the field audits

: Proprietor/manager signature capture

: Fully compliant with the new legislation

: Health Notice, Pest Management, Unit Cost and Waste Management

: Onsite Training

: Ability to integrate the EHM application with LGA’s financial management system

It has been a massive project, and we encountered several hurdles but in the end we have come through it all with a solid product that allows Local Government to manage their data in an efficient and effective manner.

So now all the hard work is done we are on the marketing trail, flyer’s have been produced and are in the process of being sent to all Local Governments in Western Australia. This will be followed by information packs to be delivered in early 2008.

So now you know why I haven’t been around online, and may not be around much in the nest few months. I will now start working on Swimming Pool audits and the list goes on, but I do really enjoy my work so it is all worth it in the long run.

Battle of the Phones

img_imateJASJAM_largeVS treo

imate jasjam vs Palm Treo

Some of my friends know of the battles we have been going through since June with PDA phones. Husband + his promotion = new phone. He decided to get a PDA Phone that included a camera and was capable of synchronizing his contacts and if possible had the Windows Mobile 6 Platform. This is where the trouble started. Windows Mobile 6 had not been released in Australia and no one could tell us when it might be released. So after waiting a couple of weeks he decided he needed a phone now and went and signed up for the imate jasjam with Telstra.

Phone number 1 all seemed OK to start with then the drama began.Calls couldn’t be answered. The answer button would not work and some of the keys on the keyboard like back space also were playing up. So this phone lasted about 10 days before it was replaced.

Phone number 2 the calls would ring and then before you could answer they went to unanswered call and then you had to ring the person back. After countless hours on the phone to both Telstra and imate in Australia and offshore call centers, continual configuration changes and hours on the internet reading forums the phone was returned.

Phone number 3 this had the same problems as number 2 and was continually losing calls which drove the phone bill up as each call had to be returned. By now the problem was escalated after a call to the Ombudsman and we had a direct number to Telstra staff to try and resolve the issue. After 2 weeks of problems with this phone the offer was made to cancel the contract! Fortunately the local Telstra shop were prepared to offer a different phone and change the contract rather than start again.

Phone number 4 the Palm Treo 750 with Windows Mobile 5 OS. Have had this now for two weeks and have not had a problem. Screen is a little smaller, camera not quiet as good and it doesn’t come with a holder or pouch but all in all a great phone.

It has not been an easy 6 weeks as on many occasions they wanted us to do the running and ringing around until we put our foot down and made them sort the mess out. So if at first you don’t succeed try try again and if you have a phone or any device you have purchased and it is not working as it should take it back and demand the product you have paid good money for or a full refund.