Windows Mobile 6 Phones Launched

The First Windows Mobile 6 Phones have been launched by 02 Germany. The O2 Xda terra is currently only available in Germany, but hopefully more phones will follow soon. The Xda terra contains the usual Bluetooth, W-LAN , a 2 megapixel camera and a slide-out keyboard.

Ultimate is a new range of Smartphones from i-mate? due for release in Mid 2007, from what specs I have read these Smartphones have a touchscreen but do not include the Office suite, so are more phones than PDA’s. They do state that they have handwriting recognition so maybe the specs have just left out all the features of the phones, we will just have to wait and see. They also have the JAQ4 with WM6.

HP has the iPAQ 500 series Voice Messenger.This is said to have 20 voice commands to allow hands free operation. You can reply to email by dictating the message, listen to email and text messages and start applications by voice command.

So what does Windows Mobile 6 have going for it?

The interface is not a lot different from WM5, is has a Vista look about it.

Microsoft’s Direct Push technology which means you get real time email will be on all devices, and your e-mail will display better with its original pictures, tables and formatting.

The new ‘Calendar Ribbon’ has the Vista look and lets you view your calendar by day view or week view giving you a quick easy way to see your schedule.

Internet Explorer Mobile has been revamped making it easier to search and easier to access your Favorites and History.

For Windows Mobile 5 users, Microsoft said it will be up to carriers and device manufacturers whether they will offer upgrades.

I had a good look around to find when Windows Mobile 6 will be available in Australia but the best indication I can get is mid to late 2007 so we will just have to wait.

Since writing this we have brought a new PDA phone have a look at how we went

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