Pop Video Projector for iPhone – my new toy

A few weeks ago I discovered a really cool new gadget for the iPhone called a Pop Video  – a mini projector for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
They had not been released at this stage and I could place a pre-order with the planned release date of June 1 2012. At a cost of $99 plus postage I thought I would place a pre-order but soon discovered that they weren’t shipping to Australia. Eventually I found a way to get it to Australia and it arrived last week.

New Pop Video

The projector is a neat little device that is very easy to use and nice and small to carry around.

Pop Video Pop Video
Pop VideoPop Video

When you attached the Pop Video to your iPhone it will ask to download the required software.

Pop Video app

I found that one iPhone gave me download option but when using it on a different iPhone it didn’t, but it was just a matter of searching the app store and downloading it manually.
Pico Projector - App Store
Once downloaded it a simple matter of starting the app and away you go.

Pop Video App
The menu options include The Camera Roll, Videos, YoutTube, Web, Facebook,  Camera and Battery level

Pop Video Photos      Pop Video Selection     Pop Web browser     Pop Video Facebook
Pop Video Web address      Pop Battery      Pop Help Menu     Pop Informatiion

Pop projection example
This shows you on a small scale how the projector works.

It’s a bit hard to show how big the image was so to give you some idea of the scale I took a photo of my ceiling. The part of teh ceiling at the bottom left handside of the image is where I projected the image. It filled this whole area. The images of projection aren’t very clear but hopefully will give you an idea of the size of the projected image. The bottom two images are from the Coldplay video for their song Paradise.

ceiling    Pop projection  Pop projection - Coldplay    Pop projection - ColdPlay video - Paradise

Pop video state that the optimal projection range is between 13 and 130 centimeters and I had no troube at all getting a clear imaage as big  as 130cm.  Having its own Lithium-ion battery means that it doesn’t drain the power from your phone while you are using it.

Specs: It has a built in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that when fully charged lasts two hours. Charging is easy with the supplied micro usb cable and takes about 4 hours to charge. The size of the pop video is Depth – 1.7cm, Width – 4.8cm Heigh – 11cm so it is small enough to put in your pocket.

All in all it is a very good little projector and at the price of $99 a bargin as far as I’m concerned.

You can find more information on the Pop Video website and I’m told that it won’t be long before shipping internationally is available.

I’d just like to say a special thank you to Darren Holm at Micron for being so helpful and answering all my questions.


iPad = iWant

After days of hype Apple launched the iPad today. I hadn’t planned on staying up to 2am to watch the launch but I did.
I could listen to the audio from the launch through Leo Laporte’s TwitTV while watching the live blogging by Engadget. The feed was slow for the first hour with lots of buffeting but eventually settled down.

So here it is the much hyped iPad. The wifi models will be shipping within 60 days and the 3G models within 90 days.

Photo copyright engadget

It does lots, looks great and I want one. I am not going to go into details of all the features as there will be lots of articles around that will give you this information.

A couple of things that I did note though were that the iPad has the same slide to open as the iphone and the keyboard is also similar to the iPhone and doesn’t have numeric above the alpha keys ( I find this annoying on the iPhone especially when suing numerics in passwords). It runs iPhone apps and the new SDK from Apple to develop apps will allow the apps to be bigger.



Photo copyright engadget

The other big question is: How much? (These prices are in USD.)

The base model 16GB will be $499, 32GB will be $599, 64GB will be $799.

The 3G models cost an extra $130

16GB is $629, 32GB is $729, 64GB is $829

So now we just have to wait and see if they are really worth all the hype and the price, hope it’s not like the mac book Air, nice to look at but not really worth the expense.

She’s Back

I seem to have started a few posts saying I can’t believe it is ……. since I posted to my blog and here I go again. Wow haven’t done anything since December ’07 . I came to have a look at the many many spam comments that have come into my blog and delete them, because of this I have set comments to approval before they are seen. Then I thought I would have a look at what new themes were available and selected one.

After doing this I thought I had better not be so slack and actually create a post so ……. here it is.

I have been so busy over the past term, I have taken on some extra work at TAFE and most of my classes have kids between 16 – 18 who would normally be in the school system but due to one thing or another school has not worked for them. In Western Australia we have a policy where students need to be in full time education or work until the end of the year they turn 17. So if school doesn’t fit they have come to TAFE. Having these kids for 13 hours over three days is full on and this combined with my software development business has not left me much time and as such almost all of my online activities have suffered, until now – school holidays 🙂 the following images sums things up nicely especially with my recent train trips to Perth and my lack of internet access on my ancient nokia phone.

Sounds of Silence

Geek and Poke Sounds of Silence

Twitter Abstinence Syndrome

Geek and Poke Twitter Abstinence Syndrome

I have met some really great people on twitterand facebook and my friends and followers continue to grow. Having these online contacts is good especially when working from home as it stops me feeling isolated. So if you haven’t yet used twitter or facebookhave a go and see what you think. As with most things on a computer if you have a use for it whether it is software, online communities or even surfing the internet you will pursue with it if not you may view these things as time wasters but you wont know unless you try them yourself. Anyway enough chat for one night and with lots more thoughts rattling around in my head I will be coming a back a bit more often, hopefully someone will still be reading this.


10 Things I’ve Done & Still Having Fun

1. Delegate Christmas Shopping

I know I haven’t been around much but seemed to run out of steam as the year comes to a close. I had a week of not being well and that just rounded it all off. I didn’t even get one Christmas present brought and had to send the family out to do it all on the Monday before Christmas. They did really well and only took 2 hours – maybe that would be a better plan for next year also. So after 25 years this year 2007 was the first time the hubby did the Christmas shopping 🙂


2. Created New Domains and Website for Software

So I am slowing getting back on board. I have set up a new site for my business software at http://redfrogsoftware.net and obtained a few new domain names for our EnviroHealthManager software, so watch out for envirohealthmanger.com.au

3. Created new Blog

When I created the new website http://redfrogsoftware.net I also learnt how to create a new blog using wordpress and even how to add new themes and customise. That was fun and new as when we using edublogs some wordpress features are locked down. I will use the new Red Frog Software blog for software updates and to keep clients informed of new developments etc.

Red Frog Software Website
4. Installed Snitter

After catching up with Sue Waters I have also installed and am running Snitter to view and use twitter – that is really fun and easy to use. Sue has written a create post about how you can get more out of Twitter go have a look.

5. Created an Elf or two

I had some fun after everyone disappeared from twitter tonight and got elfed – actually Sue and I got elfed. You can see all the action dancing and singing Frances and Sue elfs and even create your own.


6. Train trip from Mandurah to Perth

Today we went on our first train ride from Mandurah to Perth, the service opened on 23rd December after a few delays. It was fantastic , I was so impressed its such an easy way to travel to Perth and the many stops in between. I went with my husband and our teenage daughter (she has never been to the city shops before, she had a ball) a all day family pass was $8.10 . We are going back on Monday for more shopping!!

The trip takes 48 minutes to Perth stopping at all stops and about 25 minutes from Mandurah to Murdoch. It will certainly make university, work and further education a lot easier for those living in Mandurah and mean that a lot of kids won’t have to move away from their families to go to university. And also for people who live in Perth it gives you a quick and easy way to come down and see us and the wonderful place where we live. Last train from Perth on Friday night leaves around 2am – cheaper than a speeding or DD fine and quicker too Whoo Hoo!!

Mandurah to Perth Train


7. Sunset Photos

Over the road from my house is land that was undeveloped bush when we brought our house two years ago. Since then it has been developed into tiny 300m2 blocks which after 12 months still remain empty – no houses. This creates a fair bit of dust that blows straight through our place but also means we have an unobscured view of the wonderful sunsets we get living so close to the Ocean. I noticed the great clouds formations on the way home from work last month and went in and got my camera. These photos are taken from the front of my house.



8. Discovered Fly Lady

Twitter is a truly wonderful thing. It can be a bit of a time waster if you let it but I have found that it has opened the world to me. I have many people in my twitter stream that I have never met but we have common interests. Tonight I was given a link to a website called Fly Lady – your Personal Online coach to help you gain control of your house and home. This is something that I definitely need and will be pursuing – thanks to Russell Montgomery

Fly Lady.net

9.Weather Watch

I found a great weather watch program that gives me a 10 day forecast Weather Watcher there is also a mobile version Weather Watcher Mobile for Pocket PC’s and Smartphones and the best part is that it is freeware.

Weather Watcher

10. Used Amazon

I used Amazon to order some books for the first time. I have used Amazon to search for books and reviews but have never purchased from them as I prefer to buy ‘local’. I decided to give it a go as the books I wanted were cheaper than I could get locally even with the shipping factored in. So I am eagerly awaiting my first order from Amazon, should be here in a couple of weeks.

So thats my quick warp up of some of the things I have been up to, see Sue I did get it done !! Now that it is 4am I think I will go off to bed . I have just realised that I could have added another one – made it through our sweltering 44c Boxing Day heat – so thankful we have air conditioning.

I hope to be back posting more regularly in 2008 see you then

Having Fun Instead of Working

Last week I spent my days checking, checking , checking my code in my Enviro Health Program as we had a demonstration to a new client on Friday. As usual while doing this I was also fiddling with some of the graphics I have made for buttons and logos that are used in the program. Depending on which device I test it one and the screen resolutions I can get a great looking image or a really bad looking one. I was trying to get images that worked well on any device.

This is when I got a bit distracted. I decided to create a desktop wallpaper with the Red Frog logo and that turned out really well. Then I thought it would be good to have the same logo on the device so went of hunting for a program to create themes.

I came across a couple of different programs when reading forums and settled on was ThemeGenCE. This is a freeware program and has a great tutorial that makes it very easy to understand and follow, and is also a very quick process.

You can make themes for all different versions and screen size Windows based PDA’s

Here are a few I made – Have a go yourself it is great fun

Beach ThemeBeach Theme

Sunset ThemeSunset Theme

Red Frog LogoRed Frog logo Theme

TafeTafe Theme

Wandering the Web at night

walk Tonight I had a wander around the web in between talking on twitter and gtalk, answering comments and sending emails. One of the things  I found was this great video on Social Bookmarking by The Common Craft Show.
Video thumbnail. Click to play
The Common Craft Show is written, directed, produced, etc. by Lee and Sachi LeFever using basic materials.  The Show is presented by Common Craft, a social design consulting company. Their videos are under 5 minutes and explain things like Social Bookmarking in easy to understand terms. They  call our format “paperworks” and think lo-fi is the new hi-fi.
I have several of their other videos on my What is that? page. I have just been introducing my students to del.icio.us and we will be viewing this in class next week. These are really wonderfully simple but get the point across so well. Well done guys!
edublos tag cloud
I also found that on the home page of edublogs.org if I selected tags like bb31days from the tag cloud at the bottom of the page it brought up all my posts about the Blogging Challenge. I selected a lot of tags that I had included on  my posts and could also see what other members of edublogs had written with the say tags. Very interesting way to be able to view post. This is a great tool Thanks James!
One of the other great feature that is on the home page of edublogs.org is the “Blog of the hour” of which Sue and I have been in several times over the past week due to our readers support. James also has an article to help you make your edublog frontpage news