About Me

Hi my name is Frances McLean and I write My Technology Addictions. This is just a place where I can write about the things that interest me in the wide realm of technology. I use the name Developit on most social media sites and you can follow me on twitter

I live in Western Australia, I am married and have 3  children. I am a freelance software developer and consultant and  have refound my love of photography, more specifically mobile iphoneography and the use of apps to manipulate images.

I have always dabbled in things related to IT from web development in the late 1990’s to software development and was a IT lecturer at TAFE in Western Australia for many years.

One of the best things that I have found with being involved in a blog is the feeling of community and the people you meet as I keep posting different articles. I decided early on that I was not going to try and post every day as it would be too much but on occasions you will see that I have broken my own rules. It is all a matter of when it suits I will post, if family or work commitments get in the way then so be it.