When new devices appear the topic of conversation often falls to “Can I justify buying it?” , because unless it is a replacement for a failing device I really don’t “need” to buy it.

So I thought I would look back at my spending habits pre iPad and compare them with the purchase of iPad1 and upgrade to iPad2.
This is a simple comparison of where I spend my money, I’m not getting into value or ease of purchases.
Five things that were purchased in our house pre iPads were:

Newspapers(Hard copy)
Magazines(Hard copy)
Fiction and non-fiction books(Hard copy)
Street Directory(Hard Copy)

Some of these were annual purchases while others were daily.
I do not purchase most of these ‘Hard Copy” items since getting an iPad.
I still buy the occasional hard copy book and this usually done online, making it cheaper and saving me time and fuel.

My calculations (yes I keep receipts) show that my expenses have gone down when comparing the 12 months pre iPad with the 12 months with the iPad1.
They dropped again when comparing 12 months with the iPad1 with the following 12months when I upgraded to iPad2.
These calculations include the cost of purchasing the iPads.
Will I upgrade to the new iPad? Probably.
Do I need to upgrade? Probably not.

Either way I consider that the iPads I’ve purchased, and used a lot, have more than paid for themselves so now it’s just a matter of deciding if I want to upgrade -Probably