If you are managing or representing a company/business on twitter and have a link to the company/business website in your profile are you monitoring your followers?

This question follows on from the presentations at the media140 conference held in Perth on February 25th 2010 about managing your brand and the image you project. Since the conference I have been looking at twitter profiles that all contain links to company websites. These twitter accounts names are a mix of company named accounts and employee accounts and I have found that some of the followers are rather inappropriate. So I wondered if the users thought about monitoring who follows them?

I know that in the past I have blocked followers, some of these have been porn accounts and others clearly are accounts just building massive follower numbers or have no possible reason to be interested in my twitter stream.

If I was researching a company that I wanted to deal with and looked at the followers and found a lot of porn accounts I would question how they were using twitter and for what means? If twitter is supposed to be a two way conversation and the conversation content is inappropriate for my client base then this could be damaging to not only your company image but also your personal image. If we also enter into the education realm and associated family and children areas then it becomes a very big issue.

I know we can’t control everything inside twitter and an inappropriate @ message can connect you with someone you have no interest or dealings with but as more and more people realise the wealth of information that can be obtained by searching twitter streams monitoring your followers is something that we need to consider.

I would be really interested to get some feedback about this and see whether it is just my over protective way of thinking or something that most have not thought of doing.