As we start our independent lives away from our parents we take on more responsibilities and start to gather our worldly goods. Once we have a few things to our names and whether we are single, enter into relationships, have kids we start to think about what or who we would like to have these things and manage our affairs in the unfortunate event of our death. This is where a Will (Last will and testament) comes into play. It is not something that any of use really wants to think about or do but a very necessary evil especially if you want a say in what happens to your belongings, who will care for your children or animal.

So as many of our daily tasks start to move online and we start creating our online presence have you thought about if you will leave access to these accounts and information and if so who will you leave it to? Our online presence can be very personal and not all aspects may be shared or even know about by your friends or family so do we just leave list of account numbers, usernames and passwords as part of your will or leave it all out there in the cloud some of which will be viewable and other locked away.

I have been thinking about this recently as I really need to update my will now my kids are older and just general life situations have changed. I did a quick calculation of how many different online accounts I have including bank accounts, and came to a figure around 50. Well that blew me away and seeing that I use some accounts like gmail as a backup facility also some of these accounts will need to be accessed by other after I have gone. If you have flickr accounts and other media sharing accounts that have family and personal files would you want your family to have account access to these? 

I am just putting this out there for all of us to think about, how I would actually go about leaving this information or if I would actually leave access available to or my accounts is something I will be thinking about. So I ask the question Will you leave your online life to your loved ones?