cleaning2 Lost links and confusion

I mentioned in my last post that I had been playing around with the theme for my blog and adding tags to posts, this has now lead to another job of updating links. As I was trying different themes I found that I had two many pages and some of the names were too long and disrupted the flow of the theme. So to solve this I copied all the text from the Glossary page and added it to the Info page and changed the page named 31 Day Chocolate Challenge to Challenges. Then as I was adding tags and changing categories I found links to these pages and had to update the changes. So I was lucky that I changed the names and flow of the blog at the same time as I was opening each post to add tags etc.

A while back I decided I wanted to be consistent in the username I used online and so changed my twitter name to developit, of course through my blog I mentioned twitter and provided a link to “me” , this was another link to update. I also added MyBlogLog in the sidebar. I had not visited MyBlogLog in a while so before I could add it to the sidebar I needed to update all my Services so that had correct usernames. So hopefully that is it and links will all work within my site, this is not true if others have links to these pages but I suppose that is just the nature of the web.

Sometimes it is hard to remember what links I have within posts to other posts but after this exercise I will be more aware of checking links, I suppose link checking should be something to do occasionally just as I do on other websites that I manage but not something I had thought of in relation to my blog.

So my conclusion from these exercises is the same as when I clean and tidy my house, often it is harder to find things when they have been put away properly, when you start cleaning one things then everything else needs doing, but in the long run it is nice to walk into the house (blog dashboard) and see everything in its place. 🙂