tags Clean out and Organise Blog

Last night I started playing around with the available themes for my blog, this is fun but also a big time waster. While in the dashboard I thought I would add a tag cloud to the site but as I soon discovered none of my posts had tags. All my posts had multiple categories but no tags, so today the long task started to add tags and change the categories that I had added to each of the posts.

Well this was a very slow process. If anyone knows how I can assign one tag to a group of posts after they have been published please let me know. I had to open each one, add the tags and then save. Then of course after I had done this I realised that I should probably have taken some of the selected categories off the posts, it would have been easier if I had thought of this as I was adding tags as I could have done it all at the same time.

There seems to be much confusing about Tags and Categories. My limited understanding on Tags vs Categories is that Categories should be thought of as the chapters in a book and tags are keywords like a book index. Tags can be displayed on a blog as a Tag cloud, the more posts that have the same tag the bigger the word appears in the cloud. A post will often only be under one category but have multiple tags. There are a lot more specifics about being able to search tags etc that I wont go into but it gets quiet complicated and everyone seems to have an opinion about how to use them properly, just Google tags vs categories and you will see.

At the end of all this I still do not have all my tags and categories sorted out yet, I need to spend some more time defining my category list as this is large and was originally used like a tag system. So once I have this sorted I can start my next challenge I have set myself to complete the 7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove and I still have to do my 7 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me as I was tagged by Sue Hickton that also means I need to find 7 other people to tag so be warned.