I have been busy working, working over the past 6 months and have not even spent much time online. I have visited twitter a few times in the past month but not much before that.

I mentioned in twitter last night that I was finding it hard to be inspired about updating my blog and couldn’t think of anything to write about. I had a couple of replies. one from diane cordell suggesting I write about having writers block. The other suggestion was from Mo Kargas with a link to the Lazy Bloggers Post Generator

This was fun and here is my result:

OMG! I just remembered I have not updated this since they let me out!… You would not believe how insane my life has become. Please don’t abandon me!.

I am flat out with discovering time doesn’t stand still, personal projects, just generally being a slave to every man and his dog, my day is full to overflowing from sun-up to sun down and beyond. I am totally exhausted. I need some perspective.

I won’t promise anything to you but I will make more of an effort to blog more often. Truly! Until my paycheck dawneth..

So in answer to having writers block I think it is more to do with needing a holiday and working too much. So after a hectic 6 months and as we start second semester I have made a few changes and had some changes thrust upon me.

Mt Buller Snowman

I have had a fabulous holiday with my family in Melbourne and 7 days in Mt Buller skiing. This was a big change from the beaches we live down the road from in Western Australia. On return from our holiday I came to the conclusion that “Reality Sucks”.

Holiday over and back to work, big changes here also. I don’t have any lecturing work this semester so now need to start getting more work in through my business. This is a bit scary but also exciting.

The thing I like about working for myself is that I get to do the things I love. Programming and I have been also doing some contract work customising documents for businesses. This has involved working on their premises and also from home. I have been making spreadsheets more efficient and in some case instead of having 5 or more different versions of the one document I have managed to work them all into one document with a bit of code. These have all been Microsoft based documents but I am looking at setting myself up to learn some Apple based software also.

So after reading back through this post I don’t think it is so much writers block as the fact that my work has changed and not so education based now and if I do continue with my blog my posts will start to reflect this. So I will probably be back.