Last week I spent my days checking, checking , checking my code in my Enviro Health Program as we had a demonstration to a new client on Friday. As usual while doing this I was also fiddling with some of the graphics I have made for buttons and logos that are used in the program. Depending on which device I test it one and the screen resolutions I can get a great looking image or a really bad looking one. I was trying to get images that worked well on any device.

This is when I got a bit distracted. I decided to create a desktop wallpaper with the Red Frog logo and that turned out really well. Then I thought it would be good to have the same logo on the device so went of hunting for a program to create themes.

I came across a couple of different programs when reading forums and settled on was ThemeGenCE. This is a freeware program and has a great tutorial that makes it very easy to understand and follow, and is also a very quick process.

You can make themes for all different versions and screen size Windows based PDA’s

Here are a few I made – Have a go yourself it is great fun

Beach ThemeBeach Theme

Sunset ThemeSunset Theme

Red Frog LogoRed Frog logo Theme

TafeTafe Theme