Wandering the Web at night

walk Tonight I had a wander around the web in between talking on twitter and gtalk, answering comments and sending emails. One of the things  I found was this great video on Social Bookmarking by The Common Craft Show.
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The Common Craft Show is written, directed, produced, etc. by Lee and Sachi LeFever using basic materials.  The Show is presented by Common Craft, a social design consulting company. Their videos are under 5 minutes and explain things like Social Bookmarking in easy to understand terms. They  call our format “paperworks” and think lo-fi is the new hi-fi.
I have several of their other videos on my What is that? page. I have just been introducing my students to del.icio.us and we will be viewing this in class next week. These are really wonderfully simple but get the point across so well. Well done guys!
edublos tag cloud
I also found that on the home page of edublogs.org if I selected tags like bb31days from the tag cloud at the bottom of the page it brought up all my posts about the Blogging Challenge. I selected a lot of tags that I had included on  my posts and could also see what other members of edublogs had written with the say tags. Very interesting way to be able to view post. This is a great tool Thanks James!
One of the other great feature that is on the home page of edublogs.org is the “Blog of the hour” of which Sue and I have been in several times over the past week due to our readers support. James also has an article to help you make your edublog frontpage news



  1. Common Craft rocks.

    They do an absolutely fantastic one on explaining RSS and feeders. I have used it at least 5 times at last count for explaining these things to my baby boomer [read old] colleagues :) at work.

    They were so entranced and actually understood it, AND now are using google reader to subscribe to stuff! Have a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU for good viewing – they also do a great explanation of Wikis and Social Networking [check that site for related links]

  2. Hi Sue
    I agree I think their presentations are great and so simple. I have the one you mentioned on the What is That? page of this blog.

  3. I found the link to CommonCraft’s videos not so long ago but neglected to bookmark it, and quite coincidently, this week three people have told me about them – you being one.
    I’ve added them to my web2 project wiki – only one of them doesn’t have embedding code through YouTube: http://challengerelearning.wikispaces.com


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