622738_paper_chain_v_2 Interlinking Post

Day 4 and still about 4 day’s behind but catching up slowly. Today I had to go back through some of my older posts , (which aren’t really that old as I haven’t been doing this long) and interlink posts. The idea is that as I add more content to my blog there will be more opportunity to link posts together. I already do this with new posts link back to previous articles but hadn’t thought of doing it the other way around. I can go to older posts and link to newer articles. This gives the reader updated information about the article they are reading. As I have changed my theme over the past few days when working through the changes that I made after the First Time Reader Audit it was a good exercise to look at older posts and make sure that all images still fitted and that all looked ok.

So I have been and added new links to the following posts:

Windows Mobile 6 Phone Launched

Googleless = the act of not using Google for a day

Challenged in more ways than one