Colosseum Search for and Join Forums on your Blog’s Topic

Today’s task is to Search for and Join Forums on your Blog’s Topic. So what is a forum? wikipedia defines it simply as: An Internet forum is a web application for holding discussions and posting user generated content.

I have always been a big user of forums and newsgroups. I have found that being a software developer working from home can become very isolating unless you take steps to become part of communities. It is good to be able to have a community of like minded people who you can bounce ideas off, contact when you need help and contribute to and help. I also encourage my students to join and use these forums, become active members to contribute their findings and use when they come across a problem they cannot solve.


Forums can take the form of communities that provide information and provide support for users. One such forum that has many different topic specific components is the MSDN Forums. They offers various forums for software developers about the multiple Microsoft, windows and .NET technologies.

If I follow the definition from wikipedia that would also mean that things like Facebook and Twitter would also be forums. With Facebook and Twitter I have found that I am involved with people who have some of the same interests as the focus of my blog but branch off into many other related areas. This can give me a different and interesting slant on things I am involved with and it is always good to get another’s view, especially if it is not their main focus.

With many forums you can just be an observer and only become a member when you wish to contribute. These sorts of forums also serve a purpose to share information. On occasions I have joined forums only to cancel my membership after a week. The requirement has been to have the forum activity sent as an email each day or week. I found that I did not have time to read all this email and my inbox was flooded. So I suppose it is just a case of try it and if the results of the forum suit you then good if not try another one as there are many to choose from.