chocswirlsml Sponsors come on board for Chocolate Challenge

We have passed the 1st week of the 31 Days to a Better Blog even if all of us are not quiet up to date and we have some great news. We have two sponsors who have come on board to offer chocolate vouchers for the best comment and the blog that has benefited the most from the exercise. You can vote for the best blog and we will look at all comments and vote for that prize.

So make sure you visit all the Members of the Chocolate Challenge – the list is growing and growing Cammy Bean Tim Davies Eklavya Kate Foy Michelle Martin Alex Miller Kate Quinn Sue Waters Laura Whitehead

Just to recap how we ended up with the added chocolate challenge. My girlfriend Sue challenged me to take part in Darren Rowse’s 31 days to a Better Blog project. I thought it would be fun to had the wager of the loser had to buy the winner 1kg of chocolate. Then Sue opened the Chocolate challenge to the world, and the more we talked and marveled over all our new visitors and comments we thought we would also like to offer a prize to the reader with the best comments. As more people came on board we started to wonder about having to send chocolate overseas, so I checked out online chocolate stores.

Sponsors – Chocolate Box & edublogs

I found the Chocolate Box and fired off an email to Marion Adler Bishop. I gave her a bit of back ground on what was going on and links to our blogs. She called me the next day and said that she would like to offer $25.00 voucher to the reader with the best comments. So now all the readers to all the above blogs can be in the running for a prize for your comments.


James Farmer from edublogs as also come on board to help us with the 1kg wager and has offered a $25.00 voucher from the Chocolate Box. This is for the blog that the readers think has gained the most from the challenge,. voted for by the readers.  Any short fall in the 1kg will be met by Sue and myself.


You can still join in to be part of the Chocolate challenge just contact me Frances (f.mclean[at]gmail[dot]com) or Sue (suewater [at] gmail [dot] com). And make sure you visit our sponsors please.

You can see all the rules set out on Sues post How Our Readers Can Win Chocolate in 31 Days Challenge!