OK so now I have finally got around to writing up about my results from being involved in Darren Rowse’s the 31 Days to a Better Blog project or challenge when it includes 1kg chocolate for the winner.

email2Day 1: Email a New Reader

The first assignment in the 31 Day Challenge is to email a new reader This is such a simple idea and one that I have not routinely done. I have at different times left a comment in reply or visited their website if this  information was  supplied. It is always a thrill when someone takes the time to leave a comment and seems logical to reply and thank them but was not something I thought to implement as a “must do”. This is what is so good about Darren’s tips they are logical things to do or implement that will enhance and polish our blogs and bring them up to the next level.

So I have emailed everyone who has left a comment on my blog since we started this project and nearly everyone has replied back. It has opened up a whole new world to me and made the visitors to the blog feel more “real”. So if you comment on my blog I will reply.  Darren says “that the chances of the readers that you email coming back to your blog again increases significantly”. This I have found to be very true.

Please keep coming back , leave a comment and I will see you soon.