Well I have done it now, I have registered to be part of BarCamp Perth

I am going along to the BarCamp in Perth on Saturday June 30th and will meet up with my friend Sue, who sort of “suggested” we go, and then we dobbed ourselves in for a couple of presentations. A BarCamp is described as an unconference where  you can share and learn in an open environment with lots of demos, discussions, presentations and interaction. Among some of the rules of a BarCamp are:

That you do talk about the BarCamp -( the reason for this post)

You do blog about BarCamp – ditto

That if it is your first time at a bar camp you are supposed to present…So I will be involved in the presentations on

Podcasting 101 & Learning Systems / Design for eLearning / Education and web apps

I think Sue and Kate who are also part of these presentations are more expert on these particular topic but I will tag along and put in my two cents worth. I have even talked my teenage son who is studying Computer Science at Murdoch Uni to come along for the day. he can decipher some of the Open Source stuff that I am not up on.

so if you are free on Sat June 30 between 9am and 5pm, interested in web development, web 2, elearning, Open source and more have a look at the Barcamp wiki and register and come and join us in what looks like a great day of interaction for all