How to get a list of the apps installed on your iPhone and iPad

Using Spotlight to find things on my iPhone and iPad is the easiest way for me to navigate through apps, mail and contacts. It’s been my go to way of doing things for a long time. Simply swiping down from will reveal the Spotlight search box.

Spotlight also makes it really easy to find all the apps on your devices. By simply searching for a “.” it will bring up a list of all your apps.
Spotlight Search

After a quick test it seems you can use most keyboard symbols or punctuation marks to get the same results.
Spotlight Search

To find apps that you have previously installed on your devices open the App Store app. On the iPhone go to Updates – Purchased. You have the options of All and Not on This Phone. Pull down the screen to reveal the search box.
Purchased App Seacrh iPhone

On the iPad the Purchased option is at the bottom of the screen. Select this and then you have the same options of All or Not on This iPad. You also have another option to view iPad Apps or iPhone Apps.
Purchased App Search iPad

Social Media Counter

Social Media counter shows the ever changing amount of data we are churning out every second of the day in real time.
This counter is from Gary Hayes and is shows how many likes and comments we are making on Facebook,  the amount of Apps we are  downloading, videos watched and uploaded to YouTube, Tweets sent, photos uploaded to Instagram, visits to Pinterest and much much more.

Click on Social, Games or Mobile to view the different live stats.

I’d like to that Gary for making this available to us all to use and embed in our blogs, if you want to see historical data and where Gary has sorced his data have a look at his post